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Performance - Effortless

(Easily at 20+. Easy to learn. Easy to love)

“ I’ve been racing for years and I’ve always had great fun sailing and surfing at speeds above 20 knots. But it is often a wild and wet experience that leaves a knot in the pit of my stomach… This is why sailing effortlessly at 15 knots in 15 knots of wind on my Alibi is so unique. Nothing compares to the pleasure of gliding over the water at 15 knots with only my wife and kids as crew. ”
Owner of the second Alibi launched
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Light ...

But not on performance

Speed is simple : lightweight + slim hull + large sail = high performance

Unfortunately, the thrill of speed can be spoiled by the natural tendency of such a powerful catamaran to bury her bows. Alibi makes use of all available innovations to counteract this tendency. At the front of the boat, the angle of the bow combines with the U-shaped hull to generate vertical thrust. At the same time, the water streamlined flow clings to the gentle aft slope as far as the trailing edge of the hull. The resulting vertical suction adds to the forward thrust to raise the bow. And for the cherry on top, the faster you go the more these two beneficial forces increase, combining to give you hours of intense pleasure at 20+ knots.

Rotating Mast

Same size,

Way more power.

From the America’s Cup to the world Windsurfing World Cup, all machines built for speed have adopted thick, leading edge square-top mainsails. With this elegant high-performance configuration, the traditional drag from the mast is converted into aerodynamic thrust. Aligned with the extrados (exterior curve) of the sail, the rotating mast combines with the sail to create a powerful aerodynamic force. What’s more, twisting the sail head reduces over-pressure from wind gusts and distributes the load according to the theoretical optimum.

Simply put : Power is maximized, yet easily controlled with a single sheet.

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True overachievers

Larger, deeper, flatter, more span, more overlapping, more powerful… there are as many types of headsails as wind conditions. The art of choosing them consists in deploying the sails so that they provide for all wind conditions as efficiently as possible. All this without bringing 15 different sails on board, preferably. Alibi suggests three sails :

Click to hoist a sail
This elegant and high-performing design delivers an excellent aerodynamic profile and in addition, enables a much-improved control during wind gusts. When the pressure increases, the head of the Alibi mainsail twists and automatically distributes the load along the sail length according to the theoretical optimum.

Perfect Balance

Each element of your Alibi catamaran taken individually is ultra-efficient. But it is the harmonious assembly of these elements, perfectly balanced, which makes your Alibi so outstanding.

For instance, the majority of sailing catamarans pitch excessively. As well as creating discomfort, pitching seriously impairs performance. Aboard an Alibi, the front and aft sections are free of heavy components : propulsion system, generator, batteries, tender and other major weights are not only kept as low as possible but also centered. Result: Way less pitch, way more pleasure!

Performance Dashboard
Performance Dashboard

Everything you need,

at your fingertips

The Alibi steering station combines everything you need, in one place, to handle your boat:

  • All sail hoisting, sheets trimming and furlers control
  • Full propulsion and power generation controls
  • All navigational data and maps
  • Full autopilot control

Therefore, it is the position to sail single-handed as well as to teach your family members how to sail.

B&G full function touch display

B&G full function touch display

Course, speed, depth, wind angle direction and history, map, ETA and gybing distance, radar and AIS overlay... You have every possible bit of information, right in from of the helm and right under the main sheet winch!

Very handy when you are crossing the Strait of Malacca by night or weaving your way through the dense maritime traffic as you prepare to enter the Sentosa Cove marina in the south of Singapore…

Hybrid control panel

Hybrid control panel

Electrical drives status, rpm and power, battery level and charging rate, generator rpm and power as well as 230V consumption and production... Everything is displayed on the hybrid control panel, at your fingertips!

And last but not least, there is no need for any warm-up or start-up sequence: the drives are in stand-by mode 24/7, immediately available when you need them.


Joystick – Winch

From the helm, our intuitive winches control panel allows you to tack, adjust dagger boards, gybe under spinnaker, hoist the Code 0 or furl the Solent jib... on your own!

And the icing on the cake is that this outstanding achievement does not involve anything complex. The Alibi unlimited Hybrid energy + Harken Rewind winches + Alibi's intuitive two-way joysticks are conveniently placed on the control panel right in front of the helm.

This set-up is perfect for single-handed sailing. Moreover, as it removes physical strength limitations, it is very helpful when friends or children want to learn how to sail: you can easily teach them from the safety of the helming station.