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The boat is entirely made in epoxy and foam sandwich, with vacuum-bag and post-cure techniques. Beams, stiffeners, ribs and main bulkheads are entirely made of carbon fiber. We are searching for of the highest quality in all stages of the production. For instance, bulkheads, deck and parts are all glued to the hull through structural epoxy adhesives AND secondary lamination under vacuum. This time consuming process allow the best structural attachment and the best stiffness for your boat.


The paint is somehow magic. The one day we paint suddenly reveal months of surfacing and preparation. The paint shows and highlights all the teams efforts; We are sanding your Alibi by hand with sanding boards up to 6 meter long. They require 5 people to sand in a diagonal move synchronously. It is a tuff job but no machine can achieve any approaching quality.

Thai climate is not helping much. Our team dedication and commitment balance it to provid e you a premier surface. Moreover, we detail your boat too. For best results, we wet sand and polish and wax after finishing paint jobs. Thus, your boat comes out looking showroom ready. And this terrific look is our pride and the reward of all our team efforts.


The process of your Alibi's wood begins with the selection of the best wood and the best veneers, it continues with its installation on board and ends with the varnish.

Alibi's asian location is perfect for selecting the best teak and tropical woods from the low hills forests. We preferably pick golden teak with a uniform grain and free from imperfections.

Then, a large amount of the wood veneer is bonded directly inside the boat. Indeed, Alibi's floor and furniture are partially incorporated in the structural elements of the boats and contribute towards a lighter and stiff construction.

Finally, epoxy and polyurethane varnish are used for the wood finish. Up to 7 coats might be needed to get the utmost quality we are all looking for.


We, the fitting team, install all the equipments; From the doors hinges to the engine, they are all mounted after the boat is closed (hull, deck and bulkheads have already been glued) and fully painted. This is a very complex procedure. On the other hand, it facilitates any future operations or substitution. In short maintenance and servicing are made very easy for you.

Our responsibility is huge because we act at the very end and suddenly bring to life the entire boat. For this final touch, every detail is realized with the best care and with the best materials but also with constant attention to technologies' innovations.

Our reward is on the launching day: stepping the mast, rigging it up and going for sea trials is your privilege and pleasure.