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Endless Innovation

(8 years and counting)

“Simplicity is complexity resolved”
Constantin Brancusi

With a design bureau sized for an offshore racing team, Alibi innovates every year to create boats that rise to oceans' every challenge. But its single goal is to offer you a better, purer sailing enjoyment.


Retractable Propulsion System

Retractable Propulsion System

The Alibi design team went to work and included another innovation from the racing forefront: Retractable Propulsion. This development from the Sydney to Hobart and Volvo Ocean high performance boats conveniently eliminates propellers drag. With such a weapon under the waterline, your catamaran embraces the Olympic motto: « Faster - Higher - Stronger ».

Equally importantly, the Alibi's Retractable Propulsion improves motoring energy consumption, regeneration efficiency, draft and security.


Effortless Dashboard

Effortless Dashboard

Sailing around the world with a family crew or as a couple means that each adult crewmember would be alone on deck on a regular basis.

Consequently, from day one we carried out design work and used our extensive experience of the Vendee Globe blue water boats to simplify the deck plan and centralize the control lines.

As early as 2010, we started using powered line drivers to raise and lower each of the asymmetric daggerboards.

When in 2013 Harken initiated the production of the Rewind™ Radial winches, we immediately adopted the technology: these winches let you trim in both directions highly loaded sails without ever taking the line out of the self-tailer.

Finally, we did regroup the control of all these winches in an intuitive remote control panel. So, from the helm station, you can adjust all the sail under fingertip control. Meaning you can tack, gybe, gybe under spinnaker, hoist the code 0 or furl the solent... solo!

This effortless setting is perfect for all family members! There is no physical strength limitation, allowing all your guests to discover and enjoy the thrill of performance boats.

Joystick Control


From the helm, our intuitive winches control panel allows you to tack, adjust dagger boards, gybe under spinnaker, hoist the Code 0 or furl the Solent jib... on your own!

And the icing on the cake is that this outstanding achievement does not involve anything complex. The Alibi unlimited Hybrid energy + Harken Rewind winches + Alibi's intuitive two-way joysticks are conveniently placed on the control panel right in front of the helm.

This set-up is perfect for single-handed sailing. Moreover, as it removes physical strength limitations, it is very helpful when friends or children want to learn how to sail: you can easily teach them from the safety of the helming station.


Canting Wheel

Canting Wheel

With 6 helming positions and all the controls in front of the helm you can easily sail solo. And when you wish to push your boat at 20+ knots the crew can work comfortably together from a windward position. Each one at his station, no one in anyone else’s way with no difficulty in communicating. There is no need to shout orders – a vital point on a high performance boat which is going as fast as the wind.

How easily a boat handles single-handed is an important measure of its safety. For the boat to be organized so that a crew can easily position itself is a measure of performance. To sail as efficiently single-handed as with a crew is a feature exclusive to the best designed sailing boat.

Top-down Furling Spinnaker

Top down furling spinnaker

For many years, the standard technique for handling cruising spinnakers has been the ubiquitous and often awkward “sock”. Early in 2011, an important advancement appeared on the performance boats scene: the top-down furler. This system operates just as its name implies: it furls the asymmetric spinnaker from the head down, the bottom portion of the sail being rolled last.

The efficiency, simplicity and reliability of this new system is catching on!

Alibi has now combined it with a remote-controlled electric winch. Therefore, from the helm station you can furl the massive asymmetric spinnaker... solo, under fingertip control!


Hidden Tender

Hidden Tender Tender

For anyone traveling far from fully-equipped marinas, the tender is a daily companion. If you plan to explore the most inaccessible coves, then a tender is essential, but where should it go? Davits, the usual choice for catamarans, offend the fundamental principles of Alibi: elegance and performance. 500kg banging around between the sterns doesn’t improve the beauty of your boat, nor does it do any favors for the weight distribution. Your Alibi 54 features the innovation of a semi-rigid inflatable tucked under the bridge-deck. Distribution of weight and safe access adds to the various benefits of this option.

Asymmetric daggerboards

Asymmetric Daggerboards

On your Alibi, the lifting daggerboards are canted, tilted and asymmetric like the wings of an aircraft. That is the reason why your Alibi can sail as close to the wind as a monohull: the dagger boards curvature improves the heading by 3 to 5°. Being able to lift them progressively when bearing away enables a substantial reduction of their drag, greatly improving performance. Lifting them fully along with the rudders reduces the hulls draft to a minimum, offering you access to the most idyllic, secluded moorings. And, last but not least, an important safety feature: lifting the dagger boards in heavy weather allows your boat to slide across the surface of the water when, in the same situation, a traditional catamaran will be subject to the destabilizing effect of its fixed keels.

Bottom line: A comfort, a security and performances which inspires interest in what is going on underwater.

Square-topped main sail

Square-topped main sail

America's Cup Class, Tornado’s, Open 60's, windsurfers… All machines that are built for speed have adopted the square-topped main sail. This elegant and high-performing design delivers an excellent aerodynamic profile and, in addition, enables a much-improved control of over pressures during wind gusts. When the pressure increases, the head of the Alibi mainsail twists. The twist automatically regulates the load and distributes it along the sail length according to the theoretical optimum. In summary, the Alibi has a safe, high-performing mainsail which is easy to control with a single sheet.


Wing Mast

Wing Mast

A wing mast generates more drag than a traditional mast. Indeed it has more surface area for friction. On the other hand, if a wing mast rotates, it becomes a well-performing aerodynamic shape. Aligned with the leeward face of the mainsail, it forms the most efficient leading edge: the airflow is perfectly streamlined. On a reach, the wing mast of your Alibi improves the lift/drag ratio of your mainsail by 48 %. In conjunction with a square-top mainsail, it forms a stunning high performance aerofoil.

Lifting the Bow

Lifting the bow
  • U-shaped Hull
  • Asymmetric Daggerboards
  • Mast Rake and Bowsprit
At the front of the boat, the angle of the bow combines with the U-shaped hull to generate vertical thrust. At the same time, streams of water cling to the gentle aft slope as far as the trailing edge of the hull. The resulting vertical suction adds to the forward thrust to raise the bow.

The more sail a catamaran carries, the lighter and high performance it is, the more pleasure it gives on a run. A pleasure which must not be spoiled by the natural tendency of catamarans to bury their bows. Alibi makes use of all available solutions to counteract the tendency of high performance catamarans to pitch-pole:

6 Crash boxes

6 Crash Boxes

We all know that the number of containers and other hazard lost at sea keeps on increasing. That is the reason why your catamaran comes equipped with 6 crash boxes: two at the bows and two at the dagger board cases to protect against impact when under way, and two at the sterns. These watertight compartments are filled up with foam and therefore contribute to the volume of air that makes your boat unsinkable. Last but not least, these crash boxes protect the integrity of the hulls structure, thereby facilitating the reparation process after an incident.

Best Materials

High Tech Furniture High Tech Furniture High Tech Furniture High Tech Furniture High Tech Furniture

All the values of Alibi in a simple piece of furniture! Utilizing a state of the art technology mostly found on planes and rockets, Alibi vacuum bonds 0.6mm thin sheets of wood veneer on top of ultra light foam or honeycomb core. The result is a great looking sandwich structure, extremely light and stiff, meeting all of Alibi's objectives: great look, light weight, performance, comfort and usability.

In order to offer outstanding sailing performances AND all the comforts appliances AND sufficient payload for a cruising catamaran, the composite shell of your Alibi must be incredibly light. Here is the reason why we are using building techniques and materials usually restricted to racing boats or aerospace vessels.

Epoxy resin is 5 times more expensive but 30% more stiff and 2 times more resistant than polyester and vinylester resins used in most of the cruising boats and catamarans.

It is exactly the same type of figures for the carbon fiber: 30% more stiff and 2 times more resistant but the benefits of this materials as been very widely advertised.

Specific properties of the sandwich construction: the DIAB Divinycell used for the construction of the Alibi stand well above the classic balsa and PU foams. As a bonus foam offers great phonic and thermal insulation.