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Amazing to look at. And even more amazing to use.

(24/7 comfort - by the sea.)

“Before I thought about what goes into my Alibi 54, I thought about what I would get out of it. I thought about a leaner and definitively meaner relation to the sea.”
Owner of Polar Bear

Your catamaran Alibi is surrounded by the sea... and with a 360° view and large portlight at eye level everywhere, she allows you to be connected to the sea at all times when you are aboard, for your greatest pleasure.

Morning Time

The abundance of energy delivered by the hybrid system provides the luxury of unlimited on-board electricity consumption. So, you wake up to all the delights usually available only on land: toasted bread, freshly baked frozen croissants, grilled sausage or bacon, eggs, beans, potato hash-browns and a piping hot espresso next to a chilled orange or mango juice... all prepared and cooked simultaneously, and ready when you are.

First Swim

Wake-up swim? There is a dedicated area in the port stern for the storage of fins, masks and snorkels as well as diving tanks and compressor. Stepping back on board after the swim, feel free to use the transom shower. It has fresh hot/cold water. So, it can also be used to rinse your equipment. Very handy.

The bikes are stored in the starboard stern and the kite surf and other surf gear are accessible from the starboard peak. Very handy again.


Sailing involves sails and trimming but sailing is mostly about the pleasure of steering. So, we designed Alibi's helming systems with a view to enhance feeling, ease and control...

Your Alibi offers 3 seats and 6 wheel positions. Therefore, you can steer from windward, leeward, inside, standing, seated, facing forward, sideways... and get excellent view, protection, warmth, refreshing air, sun-light or shadow. The choice is yours!


Steering is a exhilarating but chilling while the autopilot drives your Alibi is also a pleasure. With all weights perfectly balanced, watching your Alibi catamaran gently dance in harmony with the ocean swell is pure delight. In between 8 and 15 knots of speed it would nearly lull you soft asleep.


The feel of the helm is not usually one of a catamaran’s strengths. Here is another preconception that is turned upside-down by Alibi. A carbon wheel, a short chain, a lot of Vectran, a direct steering system and a couple of ball-bearings cars restores lightness and responsiveness to your helm. So, your Alibi feels like no other, and you enjoy steering for hours on end.


You may not wish to leave the steering station as you have control on all aspects of sailing from there. But then you would miss the comfort and functionality of the navigation station: large touch-screen displays facing forward give you control of the systems which help you manage the daily activities on your Alibi, not just the sailing part. Planning the journey from such a great station is a breeze, and you might well end up simulating many, many weather scenarios just to linger there a while longer...


Want to explore the wilderness of the island next door? There is a light and roomy inflatable tender conveniently suspended under the bridge deck waiting for you. Alternately, you can take advantage of the 3 foot draft of your Alibi to anchor so close to the beach that your could walk down to it. In both cases, your feet stay dry!


54' has never been more: The inside has been vastly expanded. The outside is still minimalist. Pleasure is maximized.

You can access your private hull from both the cockpit and salon, shower, get a nightdress from your walk-in dressing and go to bed with sea-view at full-time.

PS: the sea-view is actually even better at the sun-rise.